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Frequently Asked Questions

Financial Passports

Adult Health and Safety Passports

  1. Should I carry My Personal Financial, Insurance and Investment Records with me?

    • Although the "Financial Records", like the "Health and I.D. Records", is conveniently sized and durable, it is not designed to carry with you. Because of the highly confidential information recorded in your "Financial Passport", you will want to keep it in a safe place at home or a safety deposit box at your bank, or purchase one for each location.
  2. How might My Personal Financial, Insurance and Investment Records help me if my wallet or purse is stolen?

    • The Financial Passport has entries for your social security number, driver license number and all of your bank and credit account information. In the event your purse or wallet is stolen, you can easily access all of this information to close your accounts. It is also a time saver when you need to establish accounts or credit cards.
  3. What is the Asset Document Locator and how does it work?

    • The Asset Document Locator gives you the ability to record the whereabouts of important documentation such as stock certificates, real estate contracts, insurance policies and wills. The Locator Key page provides entries for names and addresses where important documents are kept, while the Locator Listing pages catalogue the location of each document.
  4. How will My Personal Financial, Insurance and Investment Records help my family if something should happen to me?

    • By purchasing the Financial Passport, you can provide your family with the security of knowing they can find the necessary information to manage the family finances if you should become ill or pass away.
  5. In what way might My Personal Financial, Insurance and Investment Records assist in cases of divorce?

    • When assets are clearly listed in the concise and convenient format offered in our Financial Passport, unnecessary delays caused by having to track down such information can be averted. Avoiding the tension that can be created by such delays can help to ease the stress of a very difficult situation.
  6. Are there everyday uses for My Personal Financial, Insurance and Investment Records?

    • Yes! Because My Personal Financial, Insurance and Investment Records provides one convenient location for all your asset information, you can find all the information you need to check account balances, make payments and transfer funds between accounts.
  1. Why do I need health records in a portable format?

    • When emergencies occur, readily available medical information can make a lifesaving difference. You may not be able to recall medications, allergies or other conditions in a crisis situation as you would under normal circumstances. Medical records locked in your physician´┐Żs office are of no use during an after-hours visit to the emergency room.
  2. Do any portions of the "Health and I.D. Records" need to be completed by a professional?

    • Only the Immunization Charts require professional assistance and/or initials for proper completion. Additionally, the Fingerprint and Footprint pages may be completed with the assistance of a professional, or may be done by you at home.
  3. What is a Consent to Seek Medical Care form?

    • The Consent to Seek Medical Care form in the Child Health Passport allows a parent to authorize appropriate individuals to seek medical care for a child in their absence. A Consent to Seek Veterinary Care form serves the same purpose for pets, and is included in the Pet Health Passport.
  4. Who might benefit from the purchase of My Health and Medications Records?

    • Any individuals who take multiple medicines on a regular basis would benefit from using a Medications Journal in conjunction with a Health Passport. This journal provides space to record medicines prescribed or changed over a lengthy period of time, and allows new physicians to make informed medication choices.
  5. Why should I have my child fingerprinted and maintain recent photos?

    • The documentation of footprints and fingerprints is an increasingly important safety measure in the event a child becomes missing. A full set of fingerprints as well as recent photographs provide law enforcement authorities invaluable assistance in locating and identifying missing children.
  6. What is the International Certificate of Vaccination Against Yellow Fever?

    • The International Certificate of Vaccination or Revaccination Against Yellow Fever as contained in the Health Passport and Child Health Passport is an official form approved by the World Health Organization (WHO). Throughout the world, only documentation meeting WHO standards may be accepted as proof of vaccinations for travel requirements.
  7. Why should I keep a current record of my family's health history?

    • This feature provides your health care professional with pertinent information so that they may offer you the best medical attention possible. By maintaining a complete, up-to-date record of your family health history, you may benefit by receiving prompt medical attention for a condition or illness that might otherwise have been undiagnosed.
  8. How might it help me to include contact information on all our health care providers?

    • By listing these contacts in one portable location, you can supply valuable information to caregivers and access your personal healthcare providers wherever you may be. Whether you need a dentist or an after-hours clinic, the Health Passports will help you keep names, addresses and phone numbers right at your fingertips.