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MDi - My Documents, Inc.
Your Passport to Health, Safety and Security

Our Mission

MDi is committed to creating products that provide safety, security and empower individuals to take productive steps to defend and protect those things that they hold most dear: their families and pets, their health and their financial assets.

Our Beginning

MDi was founded in Austin, Texas on the concept of providing families with a comprehensive record book that parents could use to document their children's vital health, I.D. and basic medical information. Realizing how important it is to have immediate access to health and basic medical records in case of an emergency, MDi's research and development team consulted with hospital staff, pediatricians, school nurses, law enforcement officials and parents across the country. As a result, My Child's Health and I.D. Records was created. Small enough to be carried and durable enough to withstand years of use, My Child's Health and I.D. Records is a comprehensive resource to preserve all of a child's important health, I.D. and basic medical information.

The overwhelming response to My Child's Health and I.D. Records, led MDi to develop, the Adult Health,I.D. and Medical Records, My Health and Medication Records, My Cat or Dog's Health and I.D. Records and My Personal Financial, Insurance and Investment Records, expanding our Products for Life. From these products MDi expanded the Product for Life product line again to now include, My Blood Pressure and Cholesterol Health Records, Records of My Blood Glucose Levels, A Babysitters Key to Your Child's Care and My Equines Health and I.D. Records.

MDi is continually looking at new products that will help you record and track or monitor important information in your life.